Amberley Village

Located at the center of the I-275 circle, Amberley Village grants easy access to all major highways and the entire metropolitan Cincinnati area. Although the village is small in size (only 1,400 households), Amberley provides a high level of service to residents and the beauty of mature trees, one-acre lots, and open green spaces. Since its founding in 1940, the Village has emphasized public safety, and today’s police/fire officers continue this tradition by offering extra services such as house checks while residents are away, security/fire safety audits, and educational classes in addition to law enforcement. Leave and brush pick-up and the most efficient snow removal in the area also are especially valued by residents. Recreationally, there’s something for everyone in Amberley Village, no matter the age. The Mayerson JCC is home to a fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, indoor waterpark, spa, and café. French Park is known for its trails, creeks, and picnic areas. Amberley prides itself on diversity. The annual Ice Cream Social and other events are occasions to appreciate the mix of ages, races, nationalities, and lifestyles in the Village, while the presence of several synagogues attests to the continued vibrancy of the Village’s Jewish past.