Founded in 1793, Anderson was the 5th township in Hamilton County. The first settlement in the township was believed to be located near the mouth of the Little Miami River as pioneers moved west from Pennsylvania. Turpin Farms has a long heritage spanning more than 220 years. It all started when Phillip Turpin settled in the little Miami River bottoms on the 9th day of February 1785. Turpin Farms became a valued centerpiece in Anderson Township. In the early 1960’s, the Turpin’s started growing a new crop (sod). This new crop has become Turpin farms main crop for more than 30 years. Turpin farms sod is growing under expert supervision from top quality seed blends. Turpin farms has supplied sod to many high profile jobs like pro-football fields, golf courses, baseball fields, and many more. Turpin Farms now produces over 500 acres of turf a year, shipping it all over the Midwest. Today, Anderson has been named one of Cincinnati’s most desirable neighborhoods to live. Located less than 15 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Anderson is home to superior neighborhoods, excellent schools, preserved green spaces, and diverse park and recreational offerings..The township also enjoys more than 16 miles of riverfront (Ohio River and Little Miami Scenic River). Anderson’s school district, Forest Hills Local, is in the top 8% of school districts in the state of Ohio, holding an Excellent Rating for 5 consecutive years. This was achieved with more than 7,000 students and by spending less per student than many of the other school districts that are rated excellent.