Apartment Moving

Apartment moving often offers a unique set of challenges. With nearly 100 years of experience moving apartments in Cincinnati and more recently, Columbus, Bell Moving is ready to handle apartment moves ranging from a small, one-bedroom apartment up to a spacious penthouse. We have the equipment to move large furniture while safely negotiating staircases and elevators.

How Our Movers Will Help You

A successful apartment move requires attention to detail. Our experienced Cincinnati and Columbus moving teams will work closely with you to plan your move, anticipate special equipment needs, and avoid surprises.

Important considerations with an apartment move include:

  • What floor are your items moving from and to?
  • Will a parking permit be required at origin or destination?
  • Is a police detail necessary?
  • Will a crane be required for any of the pieces?
  • Will any artwork require crating?
  • Does an elevator need to be reserved?
  • Is a certificate of insurance required?

Bell Moving’s moving crews and administrative staff are trained to focus on the details and “get it right.”
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