Sometimes, we may have to get by without our belongings. Perhaps your new home isn’t ready in time. Or the office records need safe-keeping in space you don’t have. In the event you require short or long term storage, our storage facilities offer the best option. Our Cincinnati and Columbus warehouses each offer an ultra-clean and modern warehouse storage option. A few facts we are proud to share with you:

  • Climate-controlled for the safety of your possessions.
  • Strict security standards. No public access.
  • 24-hour camera surveillance.
  • 24-hour security alarm monitoring.
  • State of the art fire protection.
  • New, wood crates provide optimal protection of your goods.
  • Comprehensive inventory service.
  • “A” rating by the U.S. Government Inspectors. (Military Approved Facilities)
  • Clean, impressive warehouse and grounds maintenance.
  • Monthly pest and environmental management.